10 charms of the Mumbai Magic

Every city has a voice they say, each city has a character they claim, every city has a spirit we know.  There is one city which has all of this and more. This city perhaps has multiple alter-egos and successfully nurtures each of them. This city is the 40 year old dabba-wallah who is punctual & dependable amidst all the chaos. This city is the preppy 18 year old who loves to party and chill. This city is the 28 year old struggling actor, come here from a small town, with a head full of dreams. This city is the 60 year old maami, it is the 70 year old bawa, it is the rich and the poor, the scared and the fearless, it is the ambitious and it is also the hopeless. It is the faceless, it is also the well-known. It is the ugly and the divine. Like the seasons of the sun, moods of a person or colors of nature, this city changes every minute and with every passing day. Underneath all this, lies what truly makes this city of Mumbai, an emotion which is Bombay.

Before you dismiss this as just another blog glorifying this city, yet another time, ask yourself why not. Here are 10 things that you could do, feel or see in Bombay, which you probably cannot in another city.


1. The Energy

Find active life, places to eat, even traffic at 3 am in the night

Night scenes in Mumbai


2.The Lifeline 

 Play Antakshari with strangers, shop, knit clothes, do your pre-work for dinner, meet your soul-mate, all in the LOCAL TRANSPORT

Life in a Mumbai local


3.The Convenience

Have pin to piano delivered at your doorstep. “Bhaiya, ek crocin bhej dena please, thoda jaldi” – this is an actual request you can make and have it fulfilled. Your nearby stores, parlor aunty, yoga instructor, bhaji-walla, dhobi all come to your doorstep and are prominent players in your daily life.
Your shopping experiences in this city as a consumer are unparalleled

Delivery by Dabbawallas


4. The Spirit

You celebrate Onam with Sadhya, hog a Navroz meal, go for Iftaar, drink filter Kaapi, play Daandiya, head-bang at a Hardwell concert and dance at a Visarjan, with the same spirit and fervor

Mumbai crowd at Visarjan



5. The Struggle

Save a limited elite, you have all struggled, no matter how rich or poor. Taken the Virar fast, walked in waist deep water during the rains, been stuck in traffic for hours, lived in tiny apartments, or survived on street food. This city has made you suffer, yet shown you how to last and live through another day

Mumbai floods

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