Impatience is a virtue

We are quite familiar with the Aesop’s fable, where a rabbit and tortoise race and surprisingly the tortoise wins the race, just because he kept going about his business, inching his way to the finish line. “Slow and steady wins the race” was the moral of the story, the book proclaimed. It was a really cool metaphor back then to depict the race we run against life. As embodied in the tale by the tortoise and the rabbit it proved that good things come to those who wait, patience is the key to success.

Brings us to wonder, if patience is really a modern day virtue or has it lost all its relevance? Run through your typical day, even a seemingly calm day has an understated urgency in every activity. Everyone promising instant pick-ups, food, door delivery, skin whitening, weight loss, loans, so on and so forth.  The word instant is so generously used in everything that we have almost lost the ability to put time into real perspective

Amidst all the frenzy for instant gratification, as a marketeer would describe it, there are some genuine joys that are best served instantly. Imagine satisfying a cupcake craving past midnight, being able to buy that watch that you were eyeing for ages at a good deal right away, being able to easily and swiftly reach an unknown location.

Shopping offline gives us that instant gratification, discovering new places gives us that head rush, travelling with ease and finding some place on our own makes us beam with pride. It is these magical moments that we crave in our daily lives and should actively pursue to create moments that truly matter

Sure, anticipation is good, but getting that dress which you have been wanting to wear for the next party, that set of cool headphones from the hottest brand, that second part of the trilogy which you have been waiting for ages and cannot wait for even one more day, INSTANTLY is the best feeling. Imagine discovering the best all night kulfi shop in your neighborhood, quirkiest party and paraphernalia store in your locality, driving to a store half way across the town without having to stop for directions, these are joys you can create for your own self without having to depend on anyone to fulfil for you.

Yes we agree, mere happiness isn’t good enough, demand Euphoria!