What can you do differently in 2016?

While the year 2015 slowly ebbs away, all of us without exception enter into a mode of profound melancholy. We spend the last few days assessing how the year went by, what were our highs and lows, what did we seek out to do and how much did reality match up, resolutions made and promptly broken, and another year that went by in a jiffy.

This year too just like every other has been one of severe highs and lows. Worldwide, just as we all witnessed mankind at its bleakest, we also saw Mother Earth; lash out with all her wrath. There were several points in time, when we nearly lost hope and faith in humanity. But as the theory of Yin and Yang goes, balance is always restored one way or the other. Be it supreme advancements in technology in healthcare, sustainability or numerous tales of real world super heroes, we did it, we somehow managed to bring out the best in us while faced with the most evil.

Today, we don’t see too many revolutions and protests being carried out on the roads, we do it with the click of our fingers. Yes, social media has empowered each of us to revolt and protest in large numbers and cohesively.   Now, each of us have an opinion, we take up causes, we fight for our rights, and we overthrow evil in our own tiny little way. Arguably, social media has its own perils, but that’s a topic for another time.

With this great power also comes great responsibility.However, minuscule it may seem, our power and responsibility lies in largely in the content and ideas that we like, share, tweet, pin, endorse and promote. We are all slaves to this feeling. “Like me, like me, like me”.  Our pictures, our posts, stuff we talk about all revolve around how much people around us approve of it. Even the most “I don’t care” attitude bearing person, gets a secret head rush with surmounting “likes” and retweets. In an attempt to garner this popularity, a lot of people resort to public shaming, obscenity, creating fake issues and so on. Therefore, the onus is upon us to take our social media seriously.

Who are we kidding, in today’s world, we as start-ups are probably the most hungry for customer endorsements, and we want the recognition, support and faith. Small things excite us, one share, some views, when it is your business you crave more, it’s almost like your baby and you want it to succeed. So, while you all are cynical & suspicious, be generous in your support as well. Endorse great ideas, promote credible causes, and help this ecosystem grow. Much like the real world, this virtual world of social media needs a balance too. For all the entertainment that you endorse, lend you hand to more meaningful causes as well. Use this power wisely.

As this year ends and we usher in a new one, we carry dreams and aspirations that this will be a remarkable year, we will make solemn promises again, and our hearts will be filled with hopes once again.  Amidst all that, make one to generously give, for there is no greater joy than giving. The world needs love, peace and harmony today more than ever. We all need to create a better tomorrow, so let us also willingly give back to the locality we belong in. Support your neighborhood, for charity does begin at home. We at Joomzee have picked our causes for 2016, we want to create a world where no one is ever lost for directions and more importantly we want to strongly help our offline business sustain against the popularity of online businesses .We will put our heart, soul and toil into making it happen. Likewise, all of you pick something close to your heart, something that excites you and fulfills your being. Do something to make someone smile every day. In each of those smiles lies a million ways to see a brighter horizon for yourself and the generations to come.